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Beach Hostel De Ploate rewarded for its green efforts

logo Groene SleutelThe Green Key is an international eco-label that identifies the tourist establishments which are performing well in terms of the environment. Twice a year VisitFlanders and the environmental organization Bond Beter Leefmilieu award the Green Key to tourist establishments in Flanders, Belgium. On April 28, 2015 Hostel De Ploate was one of the four new laureates to obtain the label.

Hostel "De Ploate" moved to a brand-new building in 2014. The building is a great example of sustainable design with initiatives such as a green roof, solar boilers and highly insulated wall structures and windows. Besides that, they make other green effort to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible. Rainwater is being used to flush the toilets. For the lighting in the rooms, halls and common areas led lights are being used, together with low-energy light bulbs. The waste is being sorted and recycled.

groen hostel de ploate   strandrangerlabo hostel de ploate oostende zeeklassen
A 'Green' Hostel   The new beach lab

At hostel De Ploate they’re serious about sustainable, educational and social tourism. As a beach hostel they offer special school programs to encourage a greater knowledge, love and care of the ocean and in general of the environment. Together with the Marine Eco Center, WWF Flanders and the city Oostende they have created a beach lab in the hostel. In this lab, guests can learn about the beach, sea and dunes: unique biotopes with a lot of biodiversity. And unfortunately also about the threats that can destroy these fragile ecosystems.

The hostel staff all share the same green commitment and motivation, tells hostel manager Carl Craey: “This is our way to help preserve our beautiful planet for generations of future travellers. We try to keep in mind two important things: ‘Live in harmony with Mother Earth’ and ‘Good behaviour doesn’t leave any marks’. Two important messages what we want to bring across to our guests.”

earth hour hostel de ploate   earth day hostel de ploate
Hostel De Ploate unites people during Earth Hour and Earth Day to create awareness

The Green Key is awarded for one year. This way, the establishments are motivated to keep up their efforts for the environment. The following hostels managed to maintain their Green Key in 2015:
•    hostel Pulcinella in Antwerp
•    hostel De Zandpoort in Mechelen
•    hostel ’t Schipken in Geraardsbergen (new wing)  

Congratulations to the staff for all their efforts!

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