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The modern youth hostel “De Veurs” is famous for its breath-taking view and the typical Limburg hospitality. It is perfect for those who seek nature and relaxation, combined (or not) with a firm shot of adventure. In the evening you can relax on the terrace of the youth hostel, enjoying a regional beer, or a game of billiards. Children can enjoy the large playground.

The Voerstreek seems like a forgotten piece of Flanders, out of the grip of times. Six picturesque villages complete the beautiful scenery of large forests, prairies, hollow roads, babbling brooks, little chapels, castles and badger fortresses. It is the perfect destination for nature lovers. If you are looking for culture, go to one of the nearby cultural cities like Maastricht, Luik or Aachen!


116 bedden over 28 kamers met privé sanitair 2persons green 4persons green 6persons green 7persons green Rolstoel toegankelijk
118 beds
in 25 en suite rooms
1 room
with 2 beds
11 rooms
with 3 to 4 beds
8 rooms
with 5 to 6 beds
5 rooms
with 7 beds



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