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Are you planning a trip on your own, with friends or with a bigger group and would you like to stay in a hostel in Flanders? Check out our budget-friendly and comfortable hostels in Flanders, Belgium. Use the filters to find the right hostel for you, whether it's right in the city, at the beach or in a green environment. Go and explore!

There’s a hostel in Flanders for everyone

The Dutch-speaking region of Belgium, Flanders, holds a lot of hidden gems for tourists to discover. Whether you would like to visit the beautiful nature in Limburg, the beaches in West Flanders or lively cities like Antwerp or Ghent, there’s always a hostel nearby. Vlaamse Jeugdherbergen is a group of 19 hostels that offer cheap yet high-quality accommodation in Belgium. Some of our hostels are modern and located in the city centre, such as our hostel in Antwerp. Others are close to nature and have a more authentic feel, like our accommodation in Bokrijk. No matter what you are looking for, you will surely find a hostel in Flanders that fits your criteria.

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Would you like to stay in a hostel in Flanders, Belgium? You can easily find the most suitable hostel by using the tool above. Make sure to book your beds quickly – that way you’re guaranteed a place. Do not hesitate to ask questions via info [at] vjh [dot] be or via +3232327218. Of course, it is also possible to contact the individual hostels via the provided contact information.

Kinderen spelen in de speeltuin van de jeugdherberg

Accommodation in Bokrijk

Bokrijk (Genk)
Do you want to find the best accommodation for your trip to Bokrijk? This hostel offers a unique and authentic experience for a low price. Book now!
Uitzicht op de hostel en het kanaal


Brugge (Dudzele)
The Herdersbrug Hostel is situated along the Boudewijn Canal between the rural Lissewege and the picturesque Damme. Sporty types and water sports fanatics can explore the canal, hire a bicycle or use the fitness facilities.
Binnenplein jeugdherberg 't Schipken

't Schipken

The ’t Schipken hostel is housed in a converted farmhouse that has retained all its original charm. The hostel is situated in the provincial domain of De Gavers, which offers a host of sporting activities and space to play.
Kinderen hebben plezier in de speeltuin voor de kamers

Die Loyale

Die Loyale is a real family hostel. Manager Griet grew up there and later took over management from her parents. The hostel is situated in a large area with lots of nature.
Jeugdherberg van Sankt Vith buitenbeeld


Sankt Vith
Ardennen-Eifel is a cosy retreat in the traditional style of the German-speaking cantons, with a wooden interior.
Hostel De Veurs

De Veurs

After an active day, you will be happy to come home to the De Veurs Hostel, run by Joyce and Jean-Claude. The hostel is located on a hill, giving you a magnificent view of the surrounding area from the terrace.
Sprookjesvertellingen in het bos aan de jeugdherberg


Once upon a time, there was a quaint hostel on the edge of a forest where an old forest ranger used to live. A place where children now play, gnomes live and dolls can talk.


The Gagelhof Youth Hostel is one of a kind because it has been run solely by volunteers for 40 years - that’s unique in Europe. The volunteer hosts will welcome you with open arms and infectious enthusiasm.