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Great news! Thanks to your membership card, you are also automatically a member of the largest hostel network in the world: Hostelling International or HI. That’s the way to sleep soundly all over the world, and at the best possible rate too!

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Your membership will get you a 10% discount on direct bookings at most hostels. In addition, you can also benefit from various HI discounts on museums, transport, tours and activities. Definitely take the time to check it out: in some countries, membership is even compulsory! An overview can be found here

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All HI hostels are required to satisfy certain quality, comfort and safety standards. Thanks to this HI guarantee, you can be sure of high-quality hostels at attractive rates, wherever you want to spend the night.

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Whether you travel around as a backpacker, student, with your family or in a group, without a doubt there’s a hostel that’s just right for you: from castles to ultra-modern eco-hostels, from comfortable private rooms to shared rooms with a common sanitary facility, etc. Expand your horizons any way you like and say HI to the world!

City Trips

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Tips for Adventure Seekers

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