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Accommodation in Belgium

Are you looking for cheap, yet comfortable accommodation in Belgium? Our hostels are exactly what you’re looking for. Vlaamse Jeugdherbergen, VJH for short, is a non-profit organisation for Flemish hostels. You can find us in 18 different locations, spread throughout the whole country. Here you can easily find the right accommodation for your trip to Belgium.

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Budget-friendly accommodation in Belgium

Travelling to Belgium doesn’t have to be expensive if you pick the right accommodation. If you’re looking for a hostel in Belgium, we have the ideal accommodation for you. Children or adults, big groups or individuals: there’s a suitable room for everyone. Would you like to stay in a hostel in Kortrijk? Or are you looking for accommodation elsewhere in Flanders? There are hostels in 18 different locations throughout the country.

Vlaamse Jeugdherbergen