Op zoek naar een plezant én betaalbaar alternatief voor het hele gezin?


Looking for a pleasant and affordable alternative for the whole family? Hostels offer the perfect mix of privacy and a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

Zin in een meerdaagse uitstap met een groepje vrienden, collega's of clubleden?

Groups & Schools

Are you planning a trip for several days with a group of your friends, colleagues, school or club members? Then why not opt for a hostel as your base of operations?

Dankzij je VJH lidkaart ben je automatisch lid van het grootste hostelnetwerk ter wereld: Hostelling International of HI.

Hostelling International

We are a proud member of Hostelling International, the largest hostel netwerk in the world. Expand your horizons any way you like and say HI to the world!

Beach hostels

Beach hostels

How about getting some fresh air at the Belgian coast? Discover our 3 beach hostels in Blankenberge, Oostduinkerke and Ostend.

City Hostels

City Hostels

Discover the historic cities in Flanders, from the 6 famous art cities Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels, Ghent, Leuven, Mechelen to smaller cities like Kortrijk, Hasselt and Lier.

Green hostels

Nature Hostels

Hiking and cycling enthusiasts can enjoy themselves in the beautiful green regions, from the Limburg Cycling Paradise, to the Flemish Ardennes and the Eifel region.

There’s a hostel for every destination in Belgium

Belgium is small, yet there’s an abundance of different places to see and things to do. Our organisation, Vlaamse Jeugdherbergen, consists of 19 hostels in Flanders, each of them in a different location. No matter where in Flanders you want to go, there will always be a hostel near your destination. Our hostels are more than just a budget hotel in Belgium. They offer special arrangements for families and groups and give you the opportunity to meet travellers from all over the world. In a hostel, total strangers become friends in no time. That’s why a hostel is the best accommodation in Belgium, not only for people who want to travel on a low budget, but for everyone who wants to have an unforgettable travel experience.

Discover our different hostels

Are you looking for the ideal hostel for your trip to Belgium? Discover all of our hostels in Flanders and book your beds as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to contact us or one of the individual hostels if you have any questions or remarks. Would you like to know more about hostels worldwide? Check out Hostelling International, the world’s largest hostel network.