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With an overload of information about the coronavirus on television, radio and newspapers, it can all be a bit confusing. To clarify evolutions related to the virus and our daily operations, we provide a brief summary of what you need to know below.

Is it safe to travel?

We advise our guests to take the necessary precautions to travel safely and responsibly.

Information about the coronavirus and precautions can be found on following sites:

Our precautions?

Flemish Youth Hostels already follow strict health & safety guidelines across our hostels. Meaning that common areas and rooms are already regularly disinfected. In addition, all our employees are sufficiently informed so they know what the virus is, what the symptoms are and how they can avoid being infected. This is in the interest of their own safety and of all travelers.

All managers are kept up to date and should be able to answer any questions about standard procedures as they've implemented them in their individual hostel. If you have any questions, you can ask for information and instructions at the reception or find further information on several marked places or on posters that can be found throughout the building.

HI Hostels Flanders are open again!

Several youth hostels are available for people of the same group or 'bubble'. Unfortunately, we cannot provide individual beds in dorms due to our prevention measures against COVID-19. Solo travellers are still welcome but have to book a double room.
We will keep you up to date as soon as we have more information about further developments.

Find availability through our booking service. You can find it by clicking on a hostel of your choice
For more info, please find your specific hostel on our contact page

We will keep you up to date as soon as we have more information about further developments.

How do I contact VJH?

When you have any questions about your stay, you can contact our youth hostels directly.
All our hostels remain at your disposal to answer your questions by email.

Find the list of contacts here


What if I already planned a trip?

Despite the closure due to corona, it's still possible to book your stay for a later date.

If you've booked a stay in one of our youth hostels through our head office, please contact the head office.
If you booked your stay directly in a hostel and wish to rebook or cancel it, please contact the concerned hostel by email.

If you still want to cancel, you must know that reservations cannot be changed through our website. In the event of cancellation, this must be done in writing, by letter or email. For cancellations by letter, the postmark serves as proof. The cancellation costs are always mandatory regardless of the reason for cancellation. For further info, check our terms and conditions.

If you have made a group reservation, please contact the hostel or our head office to discuss possibilities.