5 things you can do as a stuck traveler


I know. It’s hard. In times like these you start appreciating the things you can’t do anymore. The most important one? Traveling. It’s uncertain if it will be possible to start traveling over a few weeks, a month or even this year. Before you get a depression by thinking too much about it, we have 5 things you can start doing while being stuck at home.

© Photo by Andrew Neel

1. Roam Google Earth

Have you ever explored the world through your computer? Well I never had and I love it. Check out the places you wanted to visit and probably still want to visit. I assure you, it’s really cool.

If you also want to take a closer look at our hostels, you can simply zoom in on the several pinpoints on the map.

Check out Google Earth

2. Buy a Lonely Planet

Doing research before you go on a trip isn’t essential but can be really helpful. I personally don’t like having a tight schedule but I do like to have a vague plan. Just having some guidance to enjoy a trip to the fullest. Who wouldn’t want that?

We recommend buying Lonely Planet. With all the spare time you have now, you can invest in your future plans of traveling. It only gets better when you’re a HI member because of several discounts in hostels all over the world and also on products and services of our partners. Let Lonely Planet just be one of them.

For people living in Belgium

Other countries


3. Plan a trip with family or friends

You probably missed someone’s birthday, Easter brunch or a family BBQ. Seeing each other for one day will not be enough to make up for this lost time. Think ahead. What can you do?

Well first, you choose a nice location. Are your friends or family more adventurous people who like to spend time in nature or more citytrippers who enjoy walking around and checking out restaurants?

Fortunately, Flanders has it all. Nature, citylife and even beaches. You can hang out at the places you like most and when you sleep in our hostels, you even have the chance to choose between single, two, four or six person rooms. It can all be a big sleepover with the persons you like most.

Hi Hostels Flanders

4. Browsing travel websites and Facebook groups

You can literally find information about everything online. There are so many travel blogs on which you can find personal experiences about cities and countries all over the world. If that isn’t enough, Facebook offers several specific groups in which travelers talk about a certain trip, fine bars, specific routes and so much more. Just type in a country or place, scroll through the groups and become a member of the ones you like.

If you're interested in Flanders, you can check out our Facebook page.

5. Write on our blog – preferably in Dutch

We’re always looking for passionate writers who want to share their stories. Are you someone who wants to talk about an experience in one of our youth hostels? About plans you made before you visited a certain city and whether or not these plans worked out? Or about things you would do different if you had known something specific, about a tour you did, …

If you want to share something, contact marketing [at] vjh [dot] be